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Powerful Dashboard

The Workhcm Dashboard reinvents the way you manage your team. By streamlining a well-defined HR process, the dashboard lets you work more collaboratively and professionally.

You can make your work more systemic and organised by keeping a track of all your necessary information in one place. Approving leaves, expense claims, prioritizing projects, reminders of any significant events or more, all can be taken care with our powerful dashboard.

Say good bye to maintaining excel sheets and manually creating reports. You can easily get an insight into your organization’s data with the help of a detailic report on our dashboard which can be viewed and checked anytime, thus making your work simpler and better.

  • User-Friendly Platform

    Simple | Easy Accessibility | Quick | Information at a glance

  • Data Integration

    Integrating all the relevant data from various sources into one single platform for making the work more organised and systematic.

  • Cost-Effective Forum

    Highly advanced software for tracking and tracking your organisation’s data with a solution that will not pinch your pocket.

Reinvent the way you manage your company’s HR Process.

WorkHCM is an enterprise-level Cloud Human Capital Management solution designed to pacify and simplify workforce management for your business. It helps you to connect, inspire and manage your team with a productive output.

Key Features

We have mastered the code for your relaxed working which would help you manage your data more effectively.

Our CEO thought it looked like an interesting solution for us—he couldn’t have been more right.

Alex Knight,
Operations Lead

Workhcm doesn’t take much to understand in order to get going, maintain, or to use. That was huge for us.

John McFarland,
Training Specialist

WorkHCM fosters a wonderful feeling of connectedness and familiarity among our worldwide remote team of over 70 employees.

Harry Villegas,
Marketing and Culture

HCM Software For Your Organization

Empowering everyone across your organization through accessibility, transparency, and control. Your HCM software should deliver unique value across user roles—from employees, to human resources, finance, and your executives. IT teams will also love WorkHCM patented, cloud-based technology with lower support, integration, and maintenance costs. You need an agile and extensible human capital management platform that is built with you in mind.

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