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WorkHCM is an innovative AI and cloud-based integrated human capital management company that aims to revolutionize end to end business processes using there innovative cloud based products WorkATS (Hiring), WorkHR (Human Resource), Accounting (WorkBooks), and WorkCRM (Customer Relationship Management).


Experience an innovative AI and cloud-based WorkATS suite designed to increase hiring productivity, foster hiring team collaboration, and enhance the candidate experience from source to hire.

WorkATS is an end-to-end recruiting solution designed to help you quickly attract, source, recruit, and hire the most relevant candidates to your jobs.

Job post

Job posts

We recruit in just one click with our job posting software, which brings you up the finest diamonds for your job post from numerous premium job boards across the globe.



Narrowing down the most suitable applicants who add value to your organization from the list of multiple qualified applicants is made easier with WorkATS.

Talent Bench

Talent bench

As the entire hiring process is simplified with the WorkATS portal, companies can effectively monitor the status and profiles of candidates on the 'bench' all in the same place.



Create detailed reports of all candidates registered under the WorkATS portal all at a single place in the ‘placements’ category. Be it in terms of duration or pay grade, all the necessary details of the candidate is recorded on the portal and it can be viewed and checked anytime.

Job Board Integration

Job boards integration

Our invoicing module integrates employee data, timesheets, and expenses so you’ll spend less time searching and more time working.

Job Requisition

Job requisition

With the Work Hr platform, you get a technologically advanced partner which makes your paper work stress free and the tracking process simpler. The documents are automated, and comprehensive, so nothing stands in the way of your workflow.

HR Dashboard


Streamline all your human resource needs in one simple cloud secure platform of WorkHR. Our software allows you to quickly and securely organize your data in one easy-to-use system.

The WorkHR module is a fully automated HR process that completely eradicates cumbersome paperwork for HR processes. Right from onboarding of new employees, it handles everything for employee management



WorkHR is an enterprise resource planning solution for HR specifically, capable of keeping all the records in-line and online, making all the employee information accessible anytime, everywhere.



Timesheets in any organization make the work organised and professional. But it becomes difficult to maintain the entire data in one sheet with proper synchronization. It is where the HR timesheets come into picture. Using WorkHR timesheet management, multiple tasks and projects can be easily managed simultaneously, saving ample time to focus on strategic priorities.



Get all your expenses well managed with WorkHR expense portal. Employees can easily submit/manage/claim their expenses on a timely basis and get their receipts as well, uploaded on the same portal.


Leave management

Scrutinize and simplify the leave management process with Work HR portal. You can Record and monitor all types of leave rendered by your organization, be it vacation, training, sick, or any.


Employee self service

Empower your employees to access and maintain their own records without bothering the HR team every single time. Once you have the employee record created, you can then extend self services to your employees and managers in a more systematic manner.


Document management

Communicate directly with the department of labor computers to import LCAs and immigration documents.

  • User-Friendly platform

    Simple | Easy Accessibility | Quick | Information at a glance

  • Data integration

    Integrating all the relevant data from various sources into one single platform for making the work more organised and systematic

  • Cost-Effective forum

    Highly advanced software for tracking and tracking your organisation’s data with a solution that will not pinch your pocket..

Transform the way you manage your modern workforce.

WorkHCM is an enterprise-level cloud human capital management solution designed to pacify and simplify workforce management for your business. It helps you to connect, inspire and manage your team with a productive output.

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Our CEO thought it looked like an interesting solution for us—he couldn’t have been more right.

Alex Knight,
Operations Lead

Workhcm doesn’t take much to understand in order to get going, maintain, or to use. That was huge for us.

John McFarland,
Training Specialist

WorkHCM fosters a wonderful feeling of connectedness and familiarity among our worldwide remote team of over 70 employees.

Harry Villegas,
Marketing and Culture

HCM software for your organization

Empower everyone across your organization through accessibility, transparency, and control. HCM software will deliver unique value across user roles—from employees to human resources, finance, upto your executives as well. IT teams would surely love to patent ‘WorkHCM’ software. The cloud-based technology with lower support, integration, and maintenance costs. You need an agile and extensible human capital management platform that is built with you in mind.

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