Employee Management

Keep your employee information in one place, and get what you need, when you need it.With WorkHR you can quickly store and retrieve your employee records. WorkHR is designed to be an employee self-service application, but at the same time, you can control which information can be updated by the employee.

  • Time Management – It helps to save time as all employee information are updated and accessed from one place
  • Flexibility - Allow supervisors or managers to edit employee information as and when required


Timesheets in any organization make the work organised and professional. But it becomes difficult to maintain the entire data in one sheet with proper synchronization. It is where the HR Timesheets come into picture. Using WorkHR Timesheet Management, timesheets, various tasks and projects can be easily managed, making time to focus on strategic priorities.

  • Checking employees data on an hourly basis
  • Customize timesheet workflows
  • Generate date specific reports


Get all your expenses calculated and managed effectively with the Work HR expense portal. Employees can easily submit expense and can manage claims on a timely basis and can get their receipts uploaded on the same portal in which they fill in their details. Expense management can be directly sent and coordinated with the Finance team for approval.

  • Finance team can even access reports to analyse expense data and costs
  • Close coordination of HR and Finance for better expense management
  • Submit expenses on the go
  • Tracking expenses made mobile

Leave Management

Simplify your leave management process with the Work HR portal. Recording and monitoring all types of leave across your organization, be it vacation, training, sick days, or more.

  • Online leave application for better record
  • Custom leave types for proper calculation of leaves with effective results
  • Analyze absence patterns to maintain efficiency
  • Centralized view of all employee leave information

Employee self service

Empower your employees to access and maintain one’s own records without counting on the HR team every time. Once you have the employee record created you can then extend self service to your employees and managers in a more systematic manner.

  • Booking time offs
  • Viewing of all approvals, leaves & permissions
  • Recording timesheets to the simple things like changing their address they can do it all themselves online, any time

Documents Management

With the Work Hr platform, you get a technologically advanced partner which makes your paper work stress free and the tracking process simpler. The documents are automated, and comprehensive, so nothing stands in the way of your workflow. Through document management you can upload all your company’s documents, handbooks, policies and procedures as well as individual employee documents to Natural HR and then make certain documents available to public whilst ensuring that the confidential data remains confidential.

  • Smooth collaboration of documents
  • Secured access to all kinds of documents, be it files or folders
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