With the Work CRM worksheets, go paperless to store all your expenses in a more organised manner so that you can easily track as to where your money is going.

  • Get a clear view of the purchases you make for your business.
  • All expenses recording and bills generation is done from a single location.
  • Create one-time or recurring bills to forward expenses to the customers for whom they were incurred


Maintaing calculations in organisations can be a cumbersome process and it might lead to silly mistakes if all are done manually. To make the task simpler, let the money roll in with WorkBooks.

  • Sending quotes to your customers and getting timely updates when they've been approved to get the process going
  • Generating professional invoices and reminders to automatically chase online payments to get the records updated
  • With the pre-payments feature, send invoices to your customers once the transaction is complete


WorkBooks sales order management facilitates the entry and processing of sales orders for respective products from order entry to consumer invoicing. It helps to maintain all information related to the customer and product data in one place.

  • Have real time information of sales invoice from any corner of the world
  • Generate your sales invoice with reference to your sales delivery
  • Get an overview of the top selling products, sales revenue generated and many more with the sales report

Expense Management

Maintaining all your travel and entertainment expenses using local allowances and complex per diems becomes easier with the WorkCrm workbooks.

  • Gain real-time visibility into employee spend through the expense management dashboard
  • Automate expense management processes effectively


With the Workbooks’ reporting and financial analytics feature, get all the business, financial, and workforce information in one place for better accountability

  • Creating all reports and analytics using the same real-time transactional data is made easier and quicker
  • Automatically reflect new dimensions in transaction entry, accounting, and reporting.
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